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14 Jul 2017

Make Your Paintings And Drawings Great... Breath Life Into Them!


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Posted By Belinda A.

Artists who try to produce perfect drawings and paintings can easily miss the vital key. When you produce an identical copy the result can look lifeless. The missing art element is

"An interesting picture will give the feeling of life"

The texture of the canvas adds depth to an oil painting. The finished painting isn't dull and flat. By building layer upon layer of paint an artist creates a work of art that has interest and character

"The surface of the painted canvas has depth and texture"

To create great Art involves far more. Each painting has a hidden history

There are thoughts and plans you can't see. There are ideas and preparations an artist keeps locked away

* With forgotten preparatory drawings

* There are color sketches hidden in a forgotten art folder

* Changes and old ideas hidden by later re-painting

Even if you are an artist who can create exact copies of what you can see, your painting needs you to give more

* A painting becomes Art when you use your feeling and understanding

* Your painting's character comes from your flair and expression

* Your painting needs your time and dedication

If you use photographs, make your painting an impression of what you see. Combine details from one photograph with the background of another. Play with components to create a new reality

* Include your own memories

* Tell a story with your picture

* Use vibrant colors

An active drawing allows you to get away with mistakes when you work from real life. You can disguise weakness in your drawing skills with confident line-work even poor perspectives

* When you draw a still life picture, the natural sweep of your ink pen can mask slightly distorted vase of flowers

* Lively pencil shading can hide body form errors in figure drawing

* A quick swish of charcoal will make trees in your landscape sketch move with the wind

* A swirling dash of crayon can capture the power of Sea waves

Leave your sketch outlines showing to add drawing interest. Easily improve your drawings Let your pencil marks show movement and growth.

Don't hide your talents. Allow the painting process to distinguish your original artwork from a machine produced print copy

* Allow visible brush marks to show the quality of your oil and acrylic painting skills

* You can lift your paintings with a splash of color

* Allow water to make your watercolors paintings flow

Don't let your art suffer as an art beginner or intermediate amateur. Take the lead from professional artists and add soul to your drawing and painting

"Let your character shine through and reveal your personality"


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