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7 Jul 2017

Trust Your Artistic Judgment When You Paint And Draw Perspectives


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Posted By Vernon E.

There are hundreds of art books that will show you the basics of perspectives...

They are an important guide that helps an artist master the skills of producing art that looks realistic. You will be shown how to draw and paint using horizon lines, vanishing points, viewing points and a whole lot more.

An artist soon gains confidence in their art when they understand how to recreate 3-dimensional form with their drawing. Lifelike paintings are no problem...

* Your picture seems to have depth and substance even if it has been produced as a flat image

* Your pencil drawing gives the mood and atmosphere of reality

* Your portrait painting looks as if the subject could leap from the canvas to shake your hand

Yet, perspective drawing can seem to be a mystery to an art beginner.

Even top professional artists and illustrators can rely too heavily on the rules of perspectives. At times they produce artificial paintings although every effort has been made to honor the perspective laws...

* Objects look distorted

* You get an increased sense of flatness

Recognizing your own unique artistic viewpoint is the key to getting the best from perspectives.

Here are some reasons why you see the world differently from the person standing beside you...

* Physical differences... You could be shorter or taller

* Each person has different eyesight... You could be long-sighted while the person standing beside you could be short-sighted

* Everyone sees colors differently... You could have perfect color vision... Other people's color vision could be impaired

Your emotional response to your art subject affects your painting and drawing. If you have passion for your subject matter the resulting artwork will be better.

Knowing that you see the world differently gives you an advantage. You can justify your artistic vision. Whatever an art critic might say about your paintings and drawings... You know your art is your own view of reality...

Enjoy your drawing and painting... "Art is your own perspective on life"


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